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The weekend in moods and pain

Saturday was a lazy day. We goofed off. Synagogue and the holiday were largely ignored. Pygment commented that she had just spent the last two weeks contemplating life, its ends, and making peace with the people around her. Thus she felt no need to go do it one more day.

My contemplation is this: my friends are totally and truly awesome; this is currently having a significant effect on my thinking about my job and career. I love my family - shocking, I know, but I probably don't say it often enough. Sitting out on a sunny/shady porch in the warm afternoon reading a book and watching the children play is one of the finest pleasures I've ever known.

Sunday I was surprised to get whacked with the sad bat. Just feeling blah and down for no reason. Maybe it's the lack of progress on my computer issues, maybe not. I decided that sitting around feeling sorry for myself wasn't going to help things so I decided to try some sunshine and getting stuff done. I took the ACs out of the kids' windows and hauled them down to the shed. Then I decided that the grass really did need another mowing and while I was doing that I decided I needed to move some logs and start the "tear out the old rotted fence" project.

90 minutes later I had shorter lawn grass, less tree and blackberry vine clutter, and the two most visible sections of the fence were gone. I worked up a decent sweat but whatever was weighing down my mood it wasn't amenable to good air and honest labor. Oh and I probably did something to my back. I'm not surprised and it's not terribly bad - Vitamin I to the rescue.

Planning on Diesel tomorrow.
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