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Early morning random trio

The winner in the "how to park near South Station" exercise was buxom_bey. There were several useful suggestions, thanks to all who helped out. In the end I found cheap on-street parking ($1.50 in the meter for the 90 minutes I was there). We ate at the Barking Crab which, it turns out, also has a small lot that offers 1 hour free parking to patrons, if you can find a space. Who knew!

(The waiter was a trippy guy who said "right on!" a lot and sat down at the table with his customer, a style of service I don't particularly like but seemed to suit most people - and the Crab's very informal atmosphere - just fine.)

Also in the "who knew" category, change.org had a blog entry last month featuring a familiar face - actress Charlize Theron - comparing anti-gay discrimination to apartheid. As a white person who actually did grow up under that system she has a somewhat unusual experience of privilege and seems to have a much greater awareness of privilege than you'd get in a typical A-list Hollywood movie actor.

Finally, Dreamwidth has given me two more free codes. If anyone wants them, let me know here or in email.
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