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Another music post

I'm trying not to do too many of these, in part so my LJ is more than a music blog. But work continues to be very sporadically busy. While I'm busy working I listen to a lot of music and open tabs on things I think are interesting. Then I have pauses and down-times and I see "dear gods I've got a lot of tabs open". So let's close out a few:

About a month ago I found Florence+The Machine and enjoyed her unique style of strong vocals + harp + backbeats. I'm now starting to hear some people picking up and remixing her tracks. This one, by a couple of Aussie DJs calling themselves Trashbag Posse, is up-tempo and bouncy without losing Florence's strong voice.

Xavier Rudd looks like a typical blonde surfer dude in shorts. He's also from Australia. And he plays the digeridoo while drumming and singing and doing some nice steel guitar stuff and... wow. The first clip is a studio recording and it gives you a basic idea of what he can do. The other two are recorded live and are much more energetic. He's clearly someone who does much better with a live audience.
h/t to sunstealer for pointing me in this direction.

N.A.S.A. is a hardcore dance mix duo. This set of tracks has a lot of guest vocals and more hip-hop styles than my usual recommendations but I think they do a good job. It might help you to know that they list both George Clinton and Method Man as inspirations. Good times!

Here's one I don't quite know what to make of, so I simply point and say "What do you think of that?" Rob (who appears to use only the one name) is in the process of recording and releasing a dodecalogue, or series of 12 pieces based loosely on Rob's interpretations of Jesus's apostles and their gospels. It's instrumental music, so not overtly religious or hymnal, but clearly intended to be suffused with a kind of spirituality. In some ways it reminds me of Rick Wakeman and the grand keyboard-centric prog-rock sounds he tried to create.
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