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First music of the new year

Crazy week. Dunno how much I'll post. A few open tabs to close out, mostly from Audioporn.

Fever Ray's "Keep The Streets Empty", which is dark and disturbing like most of her stuff gets paired with a much lighter remix by J-Wow of her "Now's the Only Time I Know." As I've mentioned before, Fever Ray is a sound I had heard in the past because the local alternative station tends to play her. Lately it's starting to grow on me, though I think the original is better than the remix in this case.

Le Matos (http://www.myspace.com/lematos) - a Canadian electro-club act - here do a light dance redub of "Honey Trap" by We Have Band. You can download the original at the band's site (http://wehaveband.com/). The original is also a light electro-dance track which makes this sound more like a cover than a conventional remix. Le Matos strips out much of the electronic bloops and bleeps from the original and pumps up the vocals. I like the cover as well as the original; both are different takes on the same feel.

Here we get two versions of the same track - something that Audioporn is very good about. Both are based on "Hello Dust" by dadahack (http://www.dadahack.com/) a DJ/producer duo with some impressive credits. The first track features vocals from Hannah Robinson, an English singer/songwriter. The second is a heavier, almost dub-house, remix by Freelance Hellraiser (http://www.myspace.com/freelancehellraiser). The thudding electro-bass really drives the second mix and makes it excellent in a wholly different way than Robinson's singing. Again, both mixes are quite good.

You may recall that I mentioned Wax Audio last week when their Asian found-sounds piece appeared on Audioporn. Their front page is full of interesting things to listen to. But I want you to scroll down to "Maiden Goes to Bollywood : Sexy Maiden on the Floor". Click play. Go ahead, I'll wait.

How awesome is this? Iron Maiden meets Bollywood, specifically Sunidhi Chauhan - Crazy Kita Re (Dhoom 2) (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=g2p3tZCgCsA) The originals are so different there's really no way they should work together. It's a brilliant concept to begin with and the mashup works so well I can hardly believe it.

It's been a while since I posted any brain-breakers and I couldn't let this one pass. This mix absolutely should not work. In fact I can somewhat emphatically say that it shouldn't exist at all. I don't like Britney and really should not appreciate someone getting their Britney all over my Freestyle (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=LfXKkNo7YZ8) which is such an awesome track it's capable of lifting this mix out of "no way" space and ... well, listen for yourself. Props to DJ Maggie Mash (http://djmaggie.blogspot.com/) who has really done herself proud.
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