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A Conservative Essay Worth Reading

I don't post politics here, much. I figure most of my readers aren't interested, and those that are either largely share what they think are my beliefs(*) or they've already hashed it out a million times on That List.

But with the ongoing implosion of Google+ and the utter worthlessness of Facebook for anything of substance I find myself with no place to put the occasional political thing. So I may put things here from time to time. If people want warnings I'll try to put them up.

With that preamble, I think it's worth reading this: http://nymag.com/news/politics/conservatives-david-frum-2011-11/

It's David Frum's latest essay on WTF is wrong with the Republican party and the utter acidic disintegration of what used to be an at least intellectually respectable conservative movement. Much as I'm having spine-tingling waves of schadenfreude over the Repubs tearing themselves apart in pretty exactly the way I expected, it's still sad that a whole spectrum of respectable opinion has vanished. Frum is what I'd call a conservative apostate, and this essay touches on why and how, from Frum's point of view, he hasn't changed what he believes but the political landscape has shifted so much that he finds himself standing in a wilderness.

(*) If you want to know what I actually think, politically, you're always welcome to ask.
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