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Another cancelled meeting, another music post.

I was fond of Florrie's single when I heard it last month; unfortunately much of what she has uploaded on Soundcloud so far is pretty bog-standard dance tracks with typical pop beats and catchy riffs (see for example "Shot You Down" - https://soundcloud.com/florrie/shot-you-down). This one, "Live a Little", is at least somewhat different, with a nice horn sound and some scratch in the mix as well as pacing changes.

I've been listening to Sebwax's stuff off and on trying to find something to pick out and this one keeps coming back to me though it's a year old. He's doing the same trick of taking one instrumental and one acapella track and overlaying them. The orchestration and richness of this mix appeal to me - the vocals are played way down in a way that makes me think of a movie score.

I keep thinking I've heard this mash before - it was first put out in 2009 - but if so I forgot to post it. The elements are classic Schmolli - Beastie Boys and Metallica - with help from Ting Tings and a few samples. It's a little rough around the edges, but a lot of fun.

This track has appeared in a couple of DJ sets lately and I can see why - it's beautiful vocal trance but featuring a male vocalist rather than the more traditional female voice. If I have a complaint it's that the instruments aren't up to the quality of the vocals. Tritonal and Paris Blohm throw in a few prog-house riffs but really don't do much with the track. I want more drops, swoops, sustains... something. I'm sure there are remixes out there; I just need to find them.

I've played this almost daily since I saw their show and it's still great. Glitch Mob, featuring Aja Volkman (of Nico Vega), doing "Our Demons". They did this track as part of their show, with some great improvised drum riffs thrown in. The video doesn't capture how thunderingly awesome this can be in person.
Tags: dj schmolli, florrie, glitch mob, music, paris blohm, sebwax, tritonal
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