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And now for your long-form listening pleasure (music)

This post keeps getting delayed by all the interruptions ever so excuse me if I'm a bit brief. Three URLs but all give you more than the usual sounds to groove with.

There's a new EP out (and the guys are on tour again). Here are three tracks that hit my favorite spots from the Mob and I cannot wait to see them done live. The first one, "Head Full of Shadows" is a really interesting example of how their style has evolved. It's drum-heavy but much less bombastic than I expect for them. The drumming is more earthy, almost tribal-feeling. I adore Glitch Mob drumming more than anything since Concussion Ensemble ceased to exist.

The second track (Better Run, Better Hide) is strongly rhythmic but the beats are there to support almost-trancey vocals. Very movie-soundtrack material. I particularly love the drop to vocal around 1:20. This track says "featuring Mark Johns" and I'm wondering who that is. The only musical Mark Johns I know is a well-respected and long-practiced session guitarist and not someone I'd associate with this style.

The last track, The Clouds Breathe For You, again subdues the beats, this time behind smooth electronica with echoey minor-key chords and a scratch-pop edge that I wouldn't normally associate with these guys but it works well.

X-Ray Ted presents about 45 minutes of old school, which means some beautiful brass horns, some classic rock beats, a lot of hip-hop snippets, and a lot of rethought gems. There's no track list so I can't give you precise pointers, but the reworked "Praise You" sticks with me as particularly good.

Another hour-long mash mix from the DJs from Mars. I've listened through twice and haven't had anything particularly leap out at me as a notable favorite but then again I've been really distracted. I'll probably highlight a couple tracks in the next post.
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