drwex (drwex) wrote,

There's a reason this music post is today

I've been holding onto this post for a while, due mostly to the first track. Everything else should be considered "bonus material."

Halsey (http://iamhalsey.com/) has apparently gotten quite popular in the last couple years, which tells me that I'm even further out of touch with current pop music than I thought. Anyway, this song is particularly appropriate for this day in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and I've been holding onto it since it appeared on our work #listening Slack. This one is for you, mizarchivist; I hope you don't get as earwormed by it as I did, or at least you don't mind.

While I'm noting things off our #listening I should blog this one, which I very much like. It came up in response to a discussion of "the" birthday dirge - turns out there are many such things, which surprised me. But I digress. The Birthday Massacre (http://thebirthdaymassacre.com/) is a Canadian goth-rock band with a small but dedicated following. New Favorite Cow orker found them at Dragoncon and I need to hear more from them.

I'm normally not a huge Morgan Page fan - I find his stuff to be not very deep and a little too smooth pop. This track definitely falls into the "pop confection" category, but I find Lissie's (https://soundcloud.com/lissiemusic) vocals interesting and endearing at the same time, which makes this worth a listen.

Things you never expect, Part N+1. Back in June, I noticed a mashup done by someone posting as The Mashup Wyvern. Interesting A|B composition with good source material. I find a lot of those and don't post most of them. Anyway, back at the beginning of November someone commented on that entry, identifying themselves as the Mashup Wyvern. I guess my entries show up in Google searches, which is cool. Anyway, they suggested a couple of other things they'd done for review and I've picked this one as another fun entry in the A|B style. It's bouncy and light and the mash works well.

Some of you know that I moonlight as an amateur intellectual property geek. I spent a bunch of years blogging on the topic and let me tell you that St-eN Extra is completely mistaken about what Fair Use allows. That said, this is another fun and danceable mash-up using some fun originals. I particularly recommend Fly Project's "Toca Toca" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L5GwTfI_PD8) which is a modern Latin electro-dance track and of course the Sak Noel's "Loca People", often known as the "What the Fuck" song (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=k4dMon78h5A)
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