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This is the part where I get grumpy

Paypal pisses me off. Obtuse UI, failing email system, annoying restrictions.

Getting five job dings (rejects) in two days, grr. (I know, lots of jobs out there and so on, but grr.)

Haven't heard back from any of the actual real companies I've applied to. Getting tired of headhunters. I nearly snapped one idiot's head off this AM. Look, jerkface, if you can't tell me what company you're thinking of submitting my resume to then NO I'm not doing business with you. I don't care to hear your spiel - call me when you can treat me like a professional.

Also, people who think they want to hire Leonardo da Vinci? Piss off, the lot of you. There may in fact be people out in the job market with MFA-level art skills who also are AJAX/Javascript coding whizzes and PhD-level experts in human psychology and experimental design but I've been in this business 15 years and I've met about three people who actually have all those qualification and trust me none of them are taking contracts at $50/hr.

If you see me and I'm grumpy please forgive. The universe is tossing a bit of extra sand in my eyeballs right about now.
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