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Random bits from yesterday

In the snowstorm, I stopped to pick up a hitchhiker. I used to hitch a bit myself here and there so I am more likely to pick someone. When it's a blizzard, doubly so. Turns out he was unable to get his ancient PoS Chevy moving on the snow so he was walking into town center in hopes that the mechanic had finished working on his pickup truck and he could drive that in the snow. Nice guy; I probably saved him a good half hour of wet trudging, and cost myself less than one extra minute.

Of course, I did almost get rear-ended by the jagoff who was tailgating me (yes, in the blizzard, don't ask, they have the word "masshole" for a reason you know) and who honked long and loud when I had the temerity to offer aid to a fellow human. Even though I used my turn signal AND hazards. I think the masshole was too close to my bumper to see the signals.

L has decided to be EXTRA cute of late. When driving with him in the car he keeps insisting that I have to turn the music up louder. Particularly when it's VNV Nation. (hrm, might be my child after all.)

My parents both assert that while growing up my brother and I were known as "Yeahbut" and "Whatif" because we would respond to any dictat from our parents with "Yeah, but..." or "What if..." Except neither of my parents can remember which of my brother/myself was yeahbut and which was whatif. I'm now convinced that I was Whatif, because K is so much doing that himself. My brother was yeahbut, and so is L. Totally.

Last night L decided to conduct part of a conversation with us while standing outside the computer room door with his arms outstretched, head flopped back so he could stare at the ceiling, spinning around.
Me: What are you doing?
L: I'm a portal.
Me: A portal? To what?
L: *thinks* The kitchen!
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