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Help me, Literate LJ

I'm trying to think of a language- or conversation-related category term and failing to come up with it.

There's a category of speech that I think is best characterized by the slang use of "Bite me!" It's said in an emphatic but not angry way, usually in response to a verbal touche' by another person in the conversation.

What is the term for this kind of speech type/category? Mizarchivist called it "flippant" and that's sort of in the right direction. It's not "sarcasm" nor really "snarking" - in fact it's something that may be a response to someone else snarking at us.

It's a retort, of sorts, but not really. "STFU" is sometimes used these days in online discourse in the same place, I think.

Anyone have any idea what this sort of thing is called?

EDIT: I think 'rejoinder' is probably the closest to the sense of what I was thinking.
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