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Snow. What else is there to say. All but one plan got cancelled by the weather.

Major shovel jobs twice. Fortunately we have very little area to shovel. Took a bit over an hour each time. The second time was aided by a friendly snow-plow lady who happened by while I was slogging and who moved much of the end-of-driveway berm for me. Of course, the plows came by multiple times overnight so this AM I had to break up a much bigger and near-solid two-foot berm before we could move the cars out.

Saturday we did have a babysitter and made it out to one party. The party was good, though I ate too much rich food and my intestines weren't happy about that. Pygment's knee started hurting so we ended up having to leave rather abruptly.

The weekend wasn't improved by DNS weirdness on the home network. At first I thought it was my router, which is old and flakey at best, but testing indicated that it was really my ISP's fault. Fortunately it cleared itself up sometime overnight so with a little frobbing I had working net for Sunday.

And now the router has crapped itself again, while I'm at work and can't deal with it. Grr argh!

Much frantic preparation for trip - too many things to do. Crap here is blowing up so on the one hand it's good I made it in; on the other hand I could be at home Not Dealing.

Bleh. I say again... bleh.
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