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No surrender, no retreat

Stupak/Pitts is not acceptable. If we lose this health care bill then so be it. The cost in money and lives and political capital will be tremendous.

But it is not acceptable to me to back a bill that throws womens' reproductive health rights under the bus. I've already written to MoveOn and will be sending similar messages to every progressive political organization I support. No surrender, no retreat on the fundamental right of a woman to make the most basic choice of how she plans, creates, and cares for her body and her children, and they're not getting any more of my money if they are going to push for this bill.

In every negotiation there are 'deal breakers' - things that if you don't get them then you walk away because the deal isn't worth it. I thought the deal breaker was going to be the public option (or equivalent plan to cover everyone). The public option is crippled but not dead. But reproductive rights is a deal-breaker, too. Status quo ante or no bill.

(h/t to dpolicar who pointed out that we are being awfully silent on this issue. Silence = death)

ETA: email sent to my Congressman, too. At this point the question is what shape the bill out of Senate will be. If it doesn't have this evil amendment then we might still rescue the bill in conference. I believe I'll be calling my Senators too...
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