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Stark condemnation, and some funny spoken word for geeks

For all you geeks who want to avoid politics: http://www.ernestcline.com/spokenword/
Ernie Cline is one FUNNY individual and that is some excellent geek spoken word. Hat-tip to taura_g. Anyone who loves Airwolf and Buckaroo Banzai not to mention nerdy chicks is my kind of guy. Which is to say, a raving unrepentant geek.

Now for the ugly politics stuff. Health-care reform. Dear Congressional Democrats: Get off your sniveling backsides and pass something.
it is the job of elected officials to pass legislation, not to get re-elected

Can I buy a billboard opposite the Capitol building and paint that sentence on it? Please? WTF. I mean, really, WTFF is wrong with the spineless, cowardly, hang-dog excuses for Democrats these days? First it was throwing women under the bus on the abortion issue. Then it was ass-kissing Joe Lieberman who (a) isn't even in your damned party anymore and (b) supported the OTHER party's candidate or did you fail to notice that. Then it was giving up ridiculous amounts of crap to f'ing Nebraska, like their Senator should be allowed to hold the entire legislative process hostage. Then they threw the shriveled lifeless husk of what used to be something vaguely resembling a public option under the bus.

All that pales in the face of the craven whining, backpedaling, and out-and-out self-destructive quitting at the finish line that the party is engaged in now. Someone, somewhere out in LJ-land, asked why someone like myself who most often votes with the Democrats wouldn't enroll as Democratic. I give you the last week's worth of pell-mell retreat in the face of a handful of teabaggers as exhibit A.

Actually, that's wrong. It's something like Exhibit Z, coming well after the party's despicable defense of DOMA, refusal to repeal Don't Ask/Don't Tell, continuation of torture at Bagram, support for endless warrantless wiretapping, and on and on and on.

Here, read more from people who are angrier and funnier than I:
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