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Great, yet brain-breaking

It's been a while since I had this big a WTF reaction so let me just hit you with it right off...

Korean boy-band electro-pop Mazel Tov. No, really. In case you want the lyrics: http://artists.letssingit.com/ze-a-lyrics-mazeltov-rccrvz2

I have no idea what spawned this. So far as I can discern, ZE:A have never done anything like this before and there's no antecedent that the Web can tell me about. It's a bizarre combination of Korean, English (which mostly doesn't make sense either) and then there's "mazel tov" which is pronounced with a unique twist on the zed sound that I don't think any actual Hebrew speaker would make. I can't stop listening to this, and not just because it's catchy pop. It's like the national anthem of WTFistan or something.
(h/t to rednikki for finding this in the first place)

Also in the awesome fun category the Kleptones have posted two more entries in their "video violence" series, with fan vids for mashups off the Uptime/Downtime compilation. Good tracks, nice vids.

DJ Steveboy's latest, "Swimming in the Ruins" is beautiful and engaging electro-house. Steve claims it's dark and moody but I don't think of it that way. It's less funky, true, but he's got some really nice selections in here.

I lost track of who pointed me at this upload of an old electro-funky classic from Fern Kinney. She's someone who never really broke through on her own, mostly doing backing vocals - you can hear a fair bit of her on various blacksploitation flick soundtracks and she's mostly known for trying to be disco after the disco fad had passed. Which is really a shame, I think, since she's got a really classic Motown voice.

This is another one of those mixes I think people will love or hate based on whether they like the underlying tracks. For me, Joan Jett was a breath of fresh air, a punk in-your-face counter to the sappy Pat Benatar and her ilk whose popularity irked me. Jett never got that level of acclaim but she was sure more fun to listen to/dance to. At least, if you were me.

Here we have DJ Moule (http://www.djmoule.com/) assembling a brilliant scratch-dance mix with Jett mixed against Led Zeppelin, Peaches (who, amusingly, has collaborated with Jett), and the electronic "Does it Offend You Yeah? - Battle Royale."
Tags: dj moule, dj steveboy, fern kinney, mazel tov, music, the kleptones, ze:a
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