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Music that is connected

Several sets out now that I have enjoyed streaming into my headphones the past couple weeks.

Trackademicks is a CA-based hiphop DJ who has a lot of friends in the music scene. Depending on the day and the mix you can find up to 10 names listed as Trackademicks members. The common theme I find is a deep respect for soul music, almost trending toward gospel, but infused with a wide variety of club, hip-hop, and dance-inspired elements. The link above will let you download the entire album or you can get individual tracks. Many of the names are familiar to me, but there were also a number of fresh sounds that I would take time to explore if I didn't, y'know, have to work or anything.

Tommie Sunshine is someone I thought I'd blogged about before but I can't find it so pardon me if this is a repeat. Five of his remixes are featured here including the popular "Heads Will Roll" and his bio lists a lot of well-known names who have tapped him to work for or with them. I can hear why - he's got a great sense of the beat and puts his stamp on things without wiping out the sense of the original work.

Phonat (http://www.phonat.net/) has posted their entire new EP online or you can buy it through Beatport. This is some extremely fine electronica, a genre I think is easy to mess up. Too much electronica is repetetitve, overly high-pitched, has too many BPM or somehow grates on my nerve. This EP avoids that, in part by siting some nice funky bass grooves under the high-end electronics and by using a wide variety of mix styles. Fresh and fun.

DJ Steveboy's latest, called "Slowburn" has me sighing in relief as it finally feels like he's hit his groove again after several less-than-stellar mixes. This one is indeed somewhat more laid back than the usual funky stuff but if I'm going to be having July in April then this is what I want to send out the open windows.
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