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Another romp through APC, with music from the blogger himself

LCD Soundsystem (http://www.lcdsoundsystem.com/) gives up an extra-cool electro-rave tune. It's got basic house beats and trippy vocals but a second rhythm layer makes this more of a drive/dance mix than you'd expect initially. This is the sort of thing I like to have on the car sound system when I have a lot of miles to cover.

Robyn (http://www.robyn.com/#) is a far too white, far too cute and poppy of a singer chick to be producing these funky sounds. This is no Ace of Bass, trust me (also, she's way hotter). Robyn's been around for a while, doing more standard pop things, so I was wondering where I'd heard her voice before when I realized she'd been the featured backup singer with Coco Sumner (http://www.myspace.com/iblamecoco) on Coco's release earlier this year of "Caesar". And for extra-bonus coolness, Coco released not only the original track but two remixes - one by Diplo and one by Miike Snow. I love these side-by-side remixes; it's a kind of dueling turntables, giving you a feel for how very different two DJ styles can make the same base track sound.

Simon Iddol is the force behind APC and he's such a prolific blogger that it's easy to forget that he also does his own projects. Here we get a full-on dose of some of his best.

The umbrella project here is called The Young Punx (http://www.theyoungpunx.com/site/) and it features some of Europe's best young DJs, producers, and remixers doing their thing live and available for download. There are literally hundreds of MB available for free download at the site and if you like what you hear you can buy more through Amazon and iTunes. The new album is called MASHED POPPED PUNKED and it has 12 tracks of The Young Punx vs everyone else from Vangelis to the Pixies to opera. Yes, really. Some of the Young Punx names will be familiar if you read my music entries - lobsterdust and schmolli for example - and other names are new to me.

Finally, the third link is to a four-track set on Soundcloud that Iddol put together. It's very Euro-pop and much lighter than the Young Punx tracks.
Tags: coco sumner, diplo, lcd soundsystem, miike snow, music, robyn, simon iddol, the young punx
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