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The tag-team investigative music post

This is a little story built around some very good music. Click the links if you just want to listen; read on for amusement value.


The story starts with the Kleptones posting three new tracks to their blog. It's apparently a sneak preview of their upcoming album, tentatively titled "Shits and Giggles". By the way, if you're visually inclined, they're asking for fan submissions of ideas for the album cover, on the theme of the title.

The first track is fun, with a kind of odd spacey electro feel. It's mixing up a few tracks, none of which leap out at me and there's a big jump in feel halfway through. Nice, but let's move along.

Flik Flok is a more fun tune building underneath the rapid-fire lyrics of Dizzee Rascal's "Flex" and the name is an obvious play off Ke$ha's Tick Tock, which you can hear in the tune. Just goes to prove that if you're as good as these guys you can even make something good with Ke$ha sounds.

Then there's this. Clearly the best of the three tracks. It's got a strong electro-drum sound and a familiar vocal. I like it enough to shoot the link over to MizA who comes back with " !!!! What is that backbeat??" No idea, babe, but it's fun. It's dancey, with both jazz and hip-hop influences. After a couple of false starts at guessing the source I give up and post a comment on the Kleptones' blog, hoping they'll respond. Usually the Kleptones are good about listing their source tracks.

At this point I've clearly tagged the vocal as Florence and the Machine but we're still at a loss to identify what they're mixing her over. Ten minutes later, MizA comes back at me with "AH! I got it! Gwen Steffani "Hey Baby". One quick trip to YouTube later (http://www.dailymotion.com/video/x2agja_gwen-stefani-no-doubt-hey-baby_music) and that's confirmed. In retrospect it's now obvious that's the "Hey" in "Heydrum" and given that it's Florence the "drum" part can only be "Drumming Song" (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t3BqLDdhMhw).

Two great tastes that taste great together and props to MizA for the identify!
Tags: dizzee rascal, florence and the machine, gwen stefani, ke$ha, music, the kleptones
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