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Quick update

L continues to mend as fast as an overactive 7-year-old can. The ortho gave him a mostly clean bill of health - restricted activities, wear the sling for about three weeks, come back for a follow-up. Apparently kids with fragile bones tend to break minor things like fingers and toes a lot. A couple of clavicle breaks aren't a big worry. Of course L is trying to do as much as possible with the sling on and not asking for help at camp like he ought to. All surprised people raise your hands... right, nobody.

I'm... mostly OK. I've been in full-on distract-myself mode, while keeping an eye on my emotional state and giving myself time out to feel as I feel when I feel it. Shaz has taken some time off from the swarming mobs to be with her sisters and parents. I understand but find I worry about her more.

It's hard to stop myself from trying to do something. So I pounded in a new mailbox post yesterday. That plus wrestling with the rusted screws to move the box from the old brackets to the new post has left me with oddly achy forearms today. Let's hope this one survives longer than the last one.

With the highly disrupted schedule I've pretty completely failed to keep up on LJ except for random bits here and there. Feel free to point me at things I should have noticed but didn't.
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