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Some links and a musical story at the end.

Last week's musical pointer to Venaccio (in which, disappointingly, nobody commented on my subject line) led me to listen through his posted collection. I quite liked it. Most of it is electro, and lyrics-free which makes it good for background for many things. He's got a moody minor-key thing going through several of the tracks which makes me feel like it's "night music". I'm not sure why.

Speaking of night music, this track and the accompanying video (hotness!) make me wish I was 20 years younger, in which case I would definitely want to be going to clubs like this and dancing all night to DJs like Morgan Page. This track, "I've Had Friends", is the kind of high-energy thing you'd want to drop around 2AM when you want to push things up a notch. I like the vocal mix and it's sort of sad that the bit APC posted cuts off so abruptly. I'll have to get the LP to see what it sounds like

Fredrick (http://www.myspace.com/fredriktheband) are a Swedish trio I stumbled across by accident. If was not a word "folktronica" then someone has coined it to describe these guys. They also are in the same darker/moodier camp that lots of new music seems to be inhabiting these days while blending sampled sounds and electro-beats with the kind of simple plucked strings and earthy vocals that characterizes lots of folk music.

DJ Steveboy is back again, with a killer 10/12ths of a set for Groovelectric's 5th anniversary. Unfortunately he puts two tracks on the end that, while interesting in their own right, don't really fit the set.

I have to call this one of the two don't-fit tune out because it's a "who the HELL thought of THAT" moment. The hosting site - MaxMashups - doesn't identify the mixer who decided to put The Prodigy's "Smack My Bitch Up" against Enya's "Orinoco Flow" (it's not called "Sail Away", guys). This thing is scary-close to a train wreck and yet avoids it... somehow. You have to hear it to judge for yourself.

Once upon a year or so ago someone (mzrowan I think) pointed me to Dan le Sac vs. Scroobius Pip and their "Thou Shalt Always Kill". This odd, minimalist Brit-rant was both perplexing and amusing at the same time. It was firmly tongue-in-cheek and serious at the same time. It was unlike anything since Bob Dylan's "Subterranean Homesick Blues" and at the same time was completely modern.

This being the 21st Century, of course it needed to be remixed, and Australian Chris Fraser turns in a very nice job keeping the essential rythmic chanting of the original cut up and interspersed with electro-house beats and sounds.

All of which is good, particularly because it led me to the linked page there on mp3rocket, which includes an 8-minute interview with Dan and Pip about some of the less obvious elements of the original track. And now, finally, I understand why the song's final directive is Thou shalt always kill.' I won't spoil it here - ask in comments, or just listen to the interview.
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