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I think I shall talk about (pop) music

Between LJ being down and my music circle on Google+ I haven't posted music in a while. When I first made the circle it was a direct copy of entries here, but I've found over the weeks that I like dropping links one at a time into G+ and that I'll often post there things that don't quite make the cut. Stuff posted here tends to have more thought put into it and to be the stuff I think is really good. If you know my real name and aren't already in my G+ music circle feel free to add me/request and I'll put you on the filter. I'm not making a strenuous effort to keep the two streams identical; apologies in advance if I miss or duplicate things. And now back to our show...

First up, two tracks from well-established pros. Much as I like finding new music and talking about new artists who have piqued my interest I also want to spend time with old favorites and people whose talents have proven out over the years.

It's probably the case that Moby has done more to integrate electronic music with mainstream listening tastes than anyone else. Which is not to say that he is mainstream, but he's been incredibly popular and successful and his compositions often have standard song structures that makes it easy to drop them in traditional radio broadcast formats. And although he is a remixer extraordinaire he's also much more meticulous about securing usage rights than most remixers, which makes him a safer playlist bet. Also? He's really fucking good. He tends toward the thoughtful and soulful more than the hip-hop or dance-floor and this stream is no exception. It contains remixes and original tracks from "Wait for Me" and all are high quality with his usual sensibilities in vocal sampling and smooth electro sound.

Grace Jones has been sadly absent from my listening for a while. Partly that's by choice, as I am less fond of her drift toward French chanteuse style than I was of her earlier strong rhythmic pieces. Of late she's been popping up now and then and I'm finding I like the new stuff, which seems to have some of that original energy. Watching the live video of the original it certainly looks like she hasn't lost anything of the magnetic presence and her voice is still fine. The Aeroplane remix is a little gentler and plays up the harmonies more than the beats but that's OK, too.

The last time we visited with Beats Antique they were doing steampunk tabla. This... is not that. It's some intense and deeply creepy awesomeness that draws on French surrealist filmmaking and does beautiful things with it. The music track, "Revival", has some of the hints of crunk I found in their other work, but it's mostly electro and a driving bass. (h/t inahandbasket for this one)

I'm trying to remember who linked to this one as workout music. It's a high-BPM all-electro drum-n-bass track from a few years ago. I'm not a huge d-n-b fan but this breaks up the monotony with some interesting staccato pacing. Definitely one of those things you'd have on in the background rather than intense listening. There's scant info on these guys online; other than finding out that TGM stands for The Green Man I wasn't able to locate a homepage or similar.

Keeping us on the high-energy tip are Karetus (http://www.facebook.com/Karetus) a dark DJ duo that APC says hail from Portugal. The mix has an unfortunate dose of high-pitched electro I could do without, but otherwise is darkly energetic and worth a listen. The original, from Buraka Som Sistema (http://www.myspace.com/burakasomsistema) has some nice layering and multi-tracked vocals that I liked. The original is looser and jazzier - Karetus have tightened it up considerably.

Finally, props to anyone who gets the reference in the Subject of this post. If not...

OK technically it should be "Pop Muzik" but that would have been too big a giveaway. It was the one-hit-wonder band M. You can all feel old with me now.

Remember, everything is a song cue.
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