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New Marina, and other music

I'm still not wholly trusting my revivification within the Google+ world so I'm going to drop the music here for a bit. APC has been bringing us the good vibes lately.

Eee! New Marina and the Diamonds! And it's just exactly what I hoped for. Back in July I noted that she was young, and poppy, but with remarkable lyrics. This time "Fear And Loathing" is not at all a pop confection. It has decent lyrics and OMG vocal range! Marina can sing, oh yes she can. This is part one - i can't wait 'till next week when part two hits.

DJ Lobsterdust is a Very Bad Man. It's kind of an article of faith in my universe that The Bee Gees are the epitome of all that was bad about disco and I do not like Bee Gees. No, really. Um... except. Damn, this track is good. Like it or not, "Staying Alive" carried the core of the essential in its beat track, like unexpressed DNA. Lobsterdust hooks that with Nelly's "Hot In Here" if only to prove that rap and disco are more than a little bit related. It's like Neanderthals mating with Homo Sapiens - we kind of know it happened, but prefer not to think about it too much, even as we enjoy the benefits.

Speaking of rap voices, Lyrics Born (http://www.lyricsborn.com/) has a really nice vocal touch that includes the faabulous Sam Sparrow (http://www.samsparro.com/). Party Ben's remix is hotter and more dance club with less of the electro-funk of the original, and I find myself enjoying both.

Back in July I blogged about When Saints Go Machine (http://whensaintsgomachine.blogspot.com/)'s "Church and Law" original. Relistening to it makes me think it's more psychedelia than I first thought. FCAN does a good job of keeping the song's feel in this remix, adding in gentle but persistent dance beats while keeping the original's echoey electronic vocals.

MizA tossed this track at me a while ago and I've been meaning to blog it. Goodwill, Hook N Sling seem to be pretty prolific remixers but I can't find a formal home page for them. This track is an upbeat dancey club tune with fairly simple electronic riffs. A fine bit of brain candy to round out the set.
Tags: dj lobsterdust, fcan, goodwill hook n sling, lyrics born, marina and the diamonds, music, party ben, when saints go machine
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