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Weekly music tab closing

It's the usual end-of-week tab closing, but today is a short day so it posts early. This time we have three tracks that are pretty formulaic examples of their styles followed by some kicking-over-the-cans tracks that break expectations.

Last time I talked a bit about "nu" disco and gave a couple of examples of things that get labeled that way. Here we have Tasmanian Disco Stampede (http://www.heavydisco.com/site/?page_id=67) which has to be one of the candidates for best band name of the year doing a nu disco track that then gets remixed back into house style by Wez Clarke. It's interesting to compare the two - both rely pretty heavily on the formulas for their basic styles.

Deltawave's "Strychnine and Soda" delivers a mellow electronic track that I like in part because it's an extended mix (good for playing when you want to get stuff done) and because it has some overt throwbacks to 1980s electronic pop sounds. A Ha is an obvious comparison but just about every band in the mid-80s was relying heavily on synthed keyboards and easy "yeah yeah baby" vocals like those that are laid all over this track.

"Soy Como Soy" by is some hot-fast urban Latin dance by a duo calling itslef Makossa and Megablast (http://www.facebook.com/pages/MAKOSSA-MEGABLAST/113715168652868). Like a lot of modern street-latin music it has the steel rhythms and macarenas but here they're very subdued, playing around a hard-electronic beat track. Likewise, there are horns but not the way you expect. From their Web page I glean that the female vocal is Cleydys Villalon (http://www.myspace.com/cleydysvillalon) a French afro-beat singer.

I've probably mentioned before that I'm not a big dubstep fan. Except when I am. Here is a track that is most definitely dub, but breaks a lot of the conventions of that style. Midnight Conspiracy (http://www.facebook.com/MidnightConspiracy) are remixed by The Chaotic Good (http://www.facebook.com/thechaoticgood) who puts a lot into a small track, filling in all the spaces that dub leaves with beats and vocal snippets and electronic harmonies you don't get in a pure dub track. The result is very very good and I plan to get the EP when it lands in a couple weeks.

And finally you all get to laugh at what a dork I am. A Yes remix. I could go on and on about me and prog rock and Yes, but suffice it to say that most of my listening habits from Back Then have not survived, with a few exceptions. Yes is an exception. DJ Y alias JY has taken Yes's "Owner Of A Lonely Heart" and mixed it mostly with LCD Soundsystem's "Daft Punk Is Playing At My House", along with a couple of added bits. He's done a great job of keeping Anderson's vocals, while gently poking fun at them, and the major guitar line from the Yes track. I am a big dork and I love this.

So here I am watching a random YouTube video and I find I'm paying more attention to the track used as background than to the purported content of the vid. The track is "Happy Hour" and it starts out sounding like your traditional 8-bit blips and bleeps track, again not my favorite. Then this guy starts rapping about Dostoyefsky in a Starbucks and I'm all, like... whoa. Not your typical rap, either. The producer is PC Munoz (http://www.pcmunoz.com/) and he's working with several contributors. The end result is a fun and bouncy mostly-rap-sort-of-electronic track.
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