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OK it's music time

No theme, just a bunch of good tunes.

Schmolli does mega-mix. Like a Lobsterdust mega, it's built on top of a solid party banger, in this case LMFAO, with a little intro from Madonna. From there, though, the pop gets thrown in the ditch and it's pure Schmolli style with lots of oldies and heavy metal and a bit of rap thrown in. There are a couple of really nice bits in here: I particularly like the Jump-> Whoomp -> Rapper's Delight bit early on and the We Will Rock You –> Enter Sandman –> Seven Nation Army is just showing off brilliantly. Every Day I'm Footballin' indeed.

Natalia Kills (http://www.myspace.com/nataliakills) is an LA-based electro hip-hopper with a sexy sexy sound. I like both the way her voice is produced and the lyrics... a-HEM! (OK, the phrase "love grenade" should probably be banned, but I'll forgive her.)

We Have Band (http://www.wehaveband.com/) is a UK trio that gets called "electro pop". This track is definitely electro, but it's not what I think of as pop. Instead it's mellow, a little broody, and a little synth-slinky; it reminds me of the sexier side of Depeche Mode. When I first blogged them in 2010 after their debut I had a hard time classifying them and that hasn't changed.

Speaking of D.M., this here is a really good extended techno remix of their "Never Let Me Down Again" by Eric Prydz. This is what one of the commenters rightly calls a "dance floor destroyer" - the kind of thing that rolls out over the floor with enough energy to draw people out, but not so many BPM that you'll be exhausted by the end. I really like this one.

The Piano Guys, featuring Alex Boye, doing "Peponi" (Paradise), a Coldplay cover. You have two choices here - you can just go listen, because it's bloody awesome, or you can wait for me to unpack that.

Right, unpacking: The Piano Guys (http://www.facebook.com/PianoGuys) are a pair of classical musicians with a taste for remaking pop in other styles. They're somewhat known for "Cello Wars" a parody with two cellos, lightsabers and other effects, and not a lot of respect for John Williams. It's fun and worth your time, too. So take two Western classicists who want to redo a Western pop tune in an African style and drop in one Alex Boye (http://www.facebook.com/alexboye.music?ref=ts), a multi-lingual African Christian singer with a luscious voice and a quick hand with a djembe. (h/t +Nicole Simon for the original pointer)
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