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End of week tab closing (music)

I've got a couple of long-form listens for you and a couple of distinctly different items.

Alpines (http://www.myspace.com/alpinesmusic) are a modern, low-key experimentalist duo from the UK driven by some strong and dark female vocals. This isn't per-se goth, but more "David Lynch dark." According to last.fm they call their own style "night pop" and that's perfect. The CREEP remix of "Empire" here pares down some of the more lush sounds of the original in favor of a deeper, more echoing approach. Both are excellent. You can hear the original and three other of their tracks on their site.

I've been back and forth about this remix. A-Trak is trying hard and I think if I was looking for a fairly typical synth-heavy floor destroyer this would be good. It's definitely growing on me with re-listens.

Bootie Blog put out its May top-10 list and it's mostly things I haven't heard before. The blog lets you stream the whole list, which I generally don't recommend but this month is not bad. I only out-and-out-skip two of the tracks because I can't abide either Foreigner or large doses (like more than about 5 seconds) of Katy Perry. So those two are out, but the other 8 are pretty good. Of the eight, two are worth direct links:

Dylan Vasey puts together a big-ass 8-way mega-mash featuring several of today's female pop voices (yes, including Ms Perry, shush you). He's got a good underlying kick beat and weaves the vocal bits in and out with LMFAO making fun of the whole mess. I can't help grinning and bopping along to this one.

Earlier I noted that A-Trak had failed to do anything novel in his "New Lands" remix; this track is more like what I was looking for. Forme (http://www.formemusic.com/) - an Italian mixer - here produces an amazing dance-floor destroyer by combining the high-energy Skrillex "Bangarang" with... well, you should listen and not have me spoil it for you. Just suffice it to say it's not your typical mash-up.

Wax Audio's third album (Mashopolis III) is now available for free download. I listened to one or two tracks earlier this week and wasn't that taken by it. But listening to the entire stream is a different experience. It's a trip down memory lane, a loving homage to anthemic big rock of the 80s. Queen, U2, Dio, Slayer, and Europe all feature prominently, mixed and mashed against other classics as well as a few modern sounds and live bits done with the stadium-audience noise. (Yes, Nirvana is now classic rock; deal with it.) If you can't listen to the whole thing, you should at least try "Lady Judas" to get a feel for what you're missing.
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