drwex (drwex) wrote,

Thing the second - excuse me if I'm drooling on my keyboard

Something - I think it's allergies - has been utterly kicking my ass, and scaring me.

The scary part is the "I cannot sleep more than four hours". I wake up sweating, drowning in snot, unable to breathe. Panic sets in. I have to be upright and I can't get comfortable to go back to sleep.

I've been compensating with three-hour naps (one Friday, another Saturday; Sunday I only did 2.5 hours). This is not sustainable. Also, it doesn't make up for not getting enough sleep in the first place. Lack of sleep has given me off-and-on headaches that were "ON" for most of the weekend. Taking Tylenol for those, though I'm now remembering I should do enteric aspirin instead. Will fix that this evening.

I am doing everything I know how to deal with allergies:
- regular antihistamine
- taken at dinnertime because allergens are worst at night
- flonase daily (mornings)
- dust mite covers on pillows and mattress
- regular changing of the sheets
- blanket was dry-cleaned after last winter and kept in a breathable plastic bag since then
- added another pillow to try sleeping more upright
- started inhaler again, daily

I managed six hours last night, which is close enough to my normal that I'm kind of functioning today. I keep myself distracted a lot, and boxes of tissues always within reach.
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