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Important Music Post

I haven't posted music lately because most of what I've been hearing has been either outright lame or "B+" at best. However, there are three important words for today's post:

New. Glitch. Mob!

Go here for album preview, new single, and tour dates. Boston show is 3/12/2014 at the House of Blues and I'm planning to be there. I was sad to miss their last show, which I heard was awesome, and I'd like a chance to see them live. Having more friends go with me would make it more better. The new single (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qKxDzyHPo0o) is called "Can't Kill Us" and it would likely make Trent Reznor proud. It's got the Mob's bombastic tones, but the electronica is dark and powerful.

This is a great bootleg of John Legend's lovely piano+voice piece "All of Me" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=450p7goxZqg) that came out in October. Legend has won (*checks*) nine Grammies and is a really talented singer-songwriter. That said, I'm still not a major fan. Here Tigerlily & Dem Slackers have taken Legend's vocals and built them into a nice little house dance number.

Back in January I noted Reset!'s Turbofunk number "Stealin' Your Soul" as a fantastic turn-it-up-loud tune with a couple remixes that were only just OK. Now comes Fire Flowerz with a remix worthy of the original. This one kicks it up another notch with a dirty fuzzy edge that fits well in the turbofunk spirit of the original.

An oldie but still fun so here you go (the things I do to pad out a music blog, let me tell you). About six years go Little Boots put out an electro-pop number called "Meddle". It's a bouncy fun tune that is very much of its era. Plus I generally like Little Boots. Then there's the Designer Drugs - yes, that's their name - 80s Coke Jam remix. The remix strips out a lot of the pop notes, drops things down an octave, and gives it more of a dance beat. This is the sort of thing I play when I need to get my ass moving.

Because you can remix anything into anything, right? Rawnie Lovely (https://www.facebook.com/rawnielovely) has taken Lorde's massively popular "Royals" and redone it in reggae style. There have been lots and lots of remixes and most have been "meh". I think I flag this one (even though Miz A agrees it's in the B+ range) because I have a love for reggae in general.

Let's close out this sound set with a remix of a real classic. Marvin Gaye was justly called the Prince of Soul and "Heard It Through The Grapevine" was one of the sounds that defined Motown for the rest of the world. Autograf's remix is a blend of original soul and modern deep house that makes me wish Gaye were still alive.
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