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We Saw Hobbit Part Two and it was rather dull

I can't even be arsed to do much of a review of this. Peter Jackson doesn't just take liberties with the source material - he writes some fanfic and makes a big-budget movie out of it. It's an excuse to string together a bunch of fight scenes and special effect scenes, which are really the same thing in this film. 2/5 stars.

I will say I was surprised to learn that orcs are bloodless. Not only can you stab a bunch of them and come away with a clean blade, but you can even cut off the head of one of them and neither the head nor the torso will emit any blood. Also, their skulls apparently have the hardness and density of cantaloupes, and they're too stupid to dodge, turn, or even tilt their heads when someone is drawing a bow pointed at their faces.

A great deal has been made of the invention of Tauriel and Evangeline Lilly's performance in the role, which I think was pretty good. If I wasn't hoping for, you know, The Hobbit I think it would've been more interesting. I'm one of those weirdos who made it all the way through The Silmarillion and whatever you think of that book it shows there are other interesting stories to be told in Middle Earth, many of them centered on elves. I would like to see a Tauriel-centric movie, even if it's not Tauriel-Legolas. But, you know, The Hobbit. It's even in the title.
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