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Things that make a post

I woke up crying from a dream of my mother. Every visit with her these days is hard and I'm ashamed I don't visit more. We visited three of the days we were in PA this time.

I could write a lot of detail but it comes down to "she's mostly not there anymore". There's this person who is paralyzed, unable to communicate, afraid a lot of the time, and somehow keeps on being alive. This person has my mother's memories, lots of which are bad. She talked more this visit than in the past. 99% of it was unintelligible. I recognized one bit was about "the war" and "rationing". She also used some words that made me think she was talking about a time when I was a child.

I wish this was peaceful. I wish this was over.

I'm trying to get out to see more live music. So far I've purchased tickets to three shows, one each in February, March, and April of next year. This makes me stupid levels of anxious - I find it hard to plan that far in advance or with that level of uncertainty. What if something comes up? What if we can't get sitting? Et cetera. I am not a big one for New Year's reflections or resolutions, but I want to do more of this.

I might be getting a little obsessed with London Grammar. This will be the April show, in case someone Boston-area wants to come with us.

"Nightcall", re-edited by LG. I've been reading that London Grammar are being compared to The Xx, which I can sort of see but no. They've got their own unique sound and I hope it holds up live. Still, that kind of strong female-voiced intimate music is something I enjoy. I have been listening to live recordings of their stuff this morning and it's pretty good. I have high hopes.

Things are, generally, well. Pygment managed to high-speed smack a pothole in PA and dented a rim, which will likely be fully paid for via the extra warranty we got. Credit to points for that suggestion. Otherwise, car is pretty excellent. Got somewhere north of 45MPG even at too-high speeds on the trip down & back. Rein's was good; random sandwich shops were not.

The dog is now sort of known as "Princess Puppyface" and she is generally an all-around lovely happy-making thing. She's not 100% keeping my moods up, but they're much better with her around than not.

Work is mostly dead these two weeks. I am not looking forward to the impending snowstorm, which is likely to screw up my doctor's appointment. If I really didn't need to see the doc (I have a LONG list to discuss) I wouldn't care much.

And finally:
The future is all around us, waiting in moments of transition to be born in moments of revelation.
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