drwex (drwex) wrote,

"An extraordinary atmosphere of sullen, baffled evil"

If you thought my LJ was boring when I dove into American electoral politics you'll probably skip past most of what I have to say in 2014. The world we live in has changed, in a gigantic climate-change-scale way. Like with climate change it's possible for some people to deny it, some to ignore it, and for it to be scary as hell for some. I'm pretty squarely in group 3.

Steven Levy, who has made a career of writing about Big Tech Things, brings us his take on the state of the world. The NSA, and its cronies at the FSB and GCHQ, pretty nearly broke the Internet. It's not clear to me what level of breaking will happen or how much of it we'll be able to work around.

Mark Morford has his usual snarky take on things.

I'm now on Wickr (https://www.mywickr.com/en/index.php). If you'd like to connect with me there that'd be cool too.
Tags: politics, security
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