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Holy cow have I got music tabs to close

Mashup Radio has become my go-to source of sounds for the moment and a lot of these come from there. Looks like they have a high signal:noise ratio for the sounds I like. (OK it took me three days to get this much put down; I'll do the rest in a post next week but I want to hit send now.)

Luca Rubino gives us a nice mix of Aloe Blacc's "I need a dollar" with two versions of Within Temptation's "Shot In The Dark". It's hard to pin down the style here - I'd call it simply mashed pop as the track still has the standard drums/guitars/vocals of rock but with two songs played A|B against each other.

It's not obvious from the intro (which I think is a little overlong and tedious) but Todd Terje is reviving an ancient classic. One-hit wonder M's 1979 effort "Pop Muzik" was at the same time a parody of the genre, an attempt to do something all-electronic, and a statement on the intended universality of pop. I'm not sure this track will appeal to anyone who didn't grow up with this track on frequent repeat but I did and it's nice to see it getting some love after all this time.

Mashup Germany is at it again. Two versions of "Sail", a track I like very much, and some pop and you get something really good. I really like the pace changes and drops in the middle section of the mash. It's like several different mashes all at once, but all "Sail".

Laura B (http://www.last.fm/music/Laura+B) has been making music for over two decades - how the hell have I remained ignorant? Here she's reworking one of Andain's classics, "Mirage" a staple of trance, with Andain's "Beautiful Things" which has been done and redone more times than I can count. Her track is energetic almost to the point of frenetic but still does a great job of floating the vocals.

Henry Fong is a US-based electro-house producer/DJ. Here he's doing a floor-clearing track with a stomp beat. It didn't surprise me much when I looked at his FB page to see him giving a shout out to Ini Kamoze.

Cosmic Dawn megamash. Unfortunately there's no track listing, so it's guess-a-mole with most of it. Some of the components are obvious from the vocals (who could mistake the single ladies?) but mostly it's just a fun stew of sounds.
Tags: cosmic dawn, henry fong, laura b, luca rubino, mashup germany, music, todd terje
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