drwex (drwex) wrote,

I hurt my back again (some people suck edition)

Driving home last night from work I noticed a small furry dog in the road. At least other people slowed down but the dog seemed to have no fear of the cars and was going to be roadkill soon, I feared.

So I pulled over to the side of the road, put on my flashers and after the car behind me stopped I tried to catch it. Even though it seemed friendly (and was wearing an obvious collar and dog coat-thing) it didn't want to get within arm's reach. Instead it ran to a house a couple doors up the street, so I followed.

Rang the bell - that house also had a yappy dog and the woman inside seemed suspicious of the leather-coated bearded stranger on her front porch. I yelled that there seemed to be a dog on her yard that seemed to think it lived there and she came out. She told me the dog belonged to the people in the house across the street. Said people were piling in their car and about to drive away so I hurried over to them while she managed to corral the yapping critter. I stopped them from leaving and she brought the dog over.

On the way back she confided that the dog gets loose all the time and is often in her yard. She's called the police, called animal control multiple times. Nothing seems to be done. And on the walk back to my car I slipped on sidewalk ice and re-wrenched my back. Fooey. Spent much of last night with the heating pad on it and it's mostly OK today. Still, fooey.

I don't get it. How can you leave the house without knowing where your dog is? How can you take the care to get a collar and tag and put a coat on the dog so it stays warm, and not be careful that it's leashed or penned properly? Some people suck.
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