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"X-Men Origins: Wolverine" wasn't good, but was not as bad as I'd feared

I'd gone in hearing this was terrible and it was... OK? Pretty much everything went as expected, and none of it was that interesting. 2/5 stars if you are into the X Men stuff, or see next paragraph.

Rarely do we see a movie with so much eye candy for those who appreciate male bodies. It manages to maintain a PG-13 while showing 98% of Hugh Jackman without clothes. Multiple times, even. And with some hilariously bad airbrushing at one point. But let's talk about the plot, if you want to call what happens a plot.

Events and characters were so far off canon as I understand it that it felt like they'd written down a bunch of 3x5 cards with elements of the Wolverine story, then thrown all that in a blender set to "frappe" speed, and poured the results out in script form. Like, yes, that guy exists somewhere in the storyline. And, yes, somehow they managed to get Logan up to Canada. But the complete lack of logic - even comic-book logic - was seriously annoying.

For example, at one point Logan is shown to have hypersensitive hearing - he can hear something said while he's underwater in a glass tank (see eye candy). But at other times he's totally surprised by sounds you'd expect him to hear, like a helicopter a few hundred yards away. I think Jackman does a serviceable job, given what he has to work with, as do most of the other actors. But I want to slap the writers (Benioff and Woods).

I did want to give a particular nod to Lynn Collins, who I thought did a good job with a very minor role. As with so many superhero stories this one is chock-full of guys and other than the token woman scientist there isn't a lot of screen time for women. Collins plays a character whose power is subtle and she plays it subtle, despite the script hitting the audience over the head with it. Her IMDB bio lists her as a Juilliard grad with Shakespearean training. Unfortunately she doesn't seem to be getting roles that would let her show what she can do in a good lead.
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