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Starting PT

Another thing mostly for myself

I've been in off-again, on-again back pain for the past few weeks. Along with a scrip for pain pills my doc agreed to send me for a PT eval.

The PT place is very close to where I work, which is convenient. I was seen mostly by a student therapist who is finishing up his internship under the supervision of an experienced therapist. My understanding is that she'll be doing most of the treatments; we'll see. It was interesting having two sets of hands on my spine in close proximity. She was clearly able to home in on problems much more quickly than he was.

The verdict is that I seem to have very low mobility in a section of my spine and they want to restore that mobility before trying to strengthen things. Apparently if I go directly for strengthening then it risks pulling the spine further out. So twice a week sessions to start, then one a week plus home exercises, then stuff I can do on my own.
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