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This week's music tabs

I stumbled across an old DJ's From Mars mix that got my music juices flowing. We'll revisit several favorites and guilty pleasures here.

Dem Slackers turn in a fun prog-house track with heavy electro influences. Nothing revolutionary here, but a good stompy set of beats. I particularly like the way the track accelerates about 2:45 in.

A bit over a year ago I pointed to Monarchy's super-sexy "Disintegration". The track notably featured the vocals of Dita von Teese and now we get an acapella version with just the voices of Von Teese and another singer who goes as Ra Black. I've been completely unable to track down who that is, which is a shame.

A couple years ago Duck Sauce's "Barbara Streisand" was all the rage. I kind of got burned out on the remixes but since I haven't heard the tune in a while I found I enjoyed this old mash with the B-52's "Love Shack". Korico Sky is a remixer who doesn't seem to be doing much currently - kind of a shame.

Two of my old guilty pleasures (Eminem and Evanescence) mashed by someone called Slyen. If you like the sources I think you'll enjoy this take; if not, not, and that's OK too.

And now your weird for the week. cthulhia this one is for you: Bloombox and Sam Feldt remixing Mumford & Sons' "I Will Wait". I'm not a huge Mumford fan, and certainly their stuff isn't the typical fare of remixers. But I rather like this one. It feels true to the original and I love the horn bits.
Tags: bloombox, dem slackers, dita von teese, korico sky, monarchy, music, sam feldt, slyen
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