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Staff Robot is a moron

I mostly never look at my OKC profile these days. I set it up years ago when I was teaching human-computer interaction. Each year I do a semester-long class project for students to analyze an existing Web site and one year I picked OKC because it was the only dating site that was free to sign up.

I played along with the students, filled out a lot of stuff, answered questions, etc. I get their "quiver match" emails a couple times a week and delete them unopened. Today I looked at one as a lark (because I'm bored and annoyed at work) and the first sentence of the first profile is:
I believe in the power of positive vibration.

Yeah, if that's your idea of the best match for me, Staff Robot, you are a moron. Now, if it was talking about the power of Good Vibrations, I'd be right there.
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