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When the Obama Administration goes after press freedom (sign a petition)

The case of James Risen has received remarkably little attention, even as it wends its way toward a possible final appeal at the Supreme Court. Risen, a reporter for the New York Times is being prosecuted and jailed for refusing to divulge his sources. Risen himself is not accused of any crime; his sin is protecting his anonymous sources. If you think that's something reporters should be allowed to do, please sign the petition calling on Obama and Holder to stop prosecuting Risen.

Apparently, our government thinks that whistleblowing is a "separate category" not related to press freedom. Seriously, that's the Administration's position. Read the transcript of AP reporter Matthew Lee putting the State Department spokesperson on the spot about why the government has filed a motion opposing Risen's appeal to SCOTUS, in which it argues strenuously against the Court finding protections for journalists.

There are more lengthy arguments to be made that Obama is more hostile to whistleblowers than any other administration in recent memory (see this or this for more details) but today I want to ask if you care about these things sign the petition linked above from the Freedom of the Press Foundation. Please help keep a reporter out of jail.
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