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Two scary things


Courtesy of APOD, a stormchasers time-lapse video of a storm supercell. This thing is utterly terrifying - it looks like it belongs in a Thor or Avengers movie showing what happens when aliens hit the atmosphere. But it's not aliens, it's Mother Nature being really pissed off, maybe because of what we've done to her.


Courtesy of Neil Gaiman, his first brief account of his time in the Syrian refugee camps in Jordan. When I first wrote about Syria I was opposed to military intervention but said it was a shame that we (US government) weren't doing more to help the refugees. I've been giving money to MSF/Doctors Without Borders who are also trying to help. Reading Gaiman's first-person experiences with UNHCR is heartbreaking, and scary because of what we (humans) have done to each other.
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