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It's been a while since I did a music thing

Busy is as busy does. Managed to fit this set of mash-up gems in between meetings.

DJ Schmolli's latest Pirate Nation collection is a return to what he does best - take modern and well-known pop and mash it up with hard rock and metal classics. I've only listened to it twice so I don't have a specific favorite to point to, yet. I will say that it is NOT my fault if you get earwormed by Bon Jovi after you listen to this.

I was not exactly looking for a Eurythmics mash-up but they're rare enough that seeing one in another search caught my eyes and I gave this a whirl. Roxy Emotions is the DJ name of a Greek producer I've not heard before. I plan to check out more of their stuff. This track doesn't knock my socks off, but it's a fine house interpretation of the classic.

Another side-effect of that same search was this mash. Supermode's "Tell Me Why" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zTDeEJyCmNA) was one of my favorite night-driving tracks for a long time. Here Jack the Video Ripper has blended the dancy elements of that tune with some soulful Usher and I like the combination. It still feels like summer night music, but that's probably my preconceptions at play again.

A double-shot of "top of the pops 2013" mash-ups. One by the new-to-me DJ Dreamport, and one by the fantastic Mashup Germany. Yes, I know I'm a bit late with these things, but that's the way it goes. As you'd expect, these are mega-mashes that jump around in barely controlled fashion. The Dreamport version seems to be more dance-centric and comes across as its own dance tune. The M.G. version is hilariously head-spinning - listen up to 0:50 to see what I mean if you don't want to take the whole thing. Both are quite good, though I remain convinced that Mashup Germany is the true master of this art form. It's also interesting to compare their source lists side-by-side. I'd guess there's about 60% overlap, which is much smaller than I'd've guessed.

Finally, I'll leave you with this remix of Tritonal's Colors, which I blogged about a month ago. This remix is a fun and relaxed, almost trance-y, take on the tune. I'm hard-pressed to say that it's "better" than the original; I think I'd go with "interestingly different" which is often enough if the original is this good.
Tags: dj dreamport, dj schmolli, eternal endeavor, jack the video ripper, mashup germany, music, roxy emotions
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