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Another week end music round-up

Several good things came across Mashup Radio this week and I've got a couple other fun tracks to share.

Tosses and Varvez give us a nu-funk remix of "Down to the Music." The original is a nice standard funk track. This is funk raised to the power of funk, with some breakbeats and electro-fuzz thrown in for good measure. The track is off their new Funky Destination CD, all of which sounds excellent.

The previous track sent me cruising through other things Tosses & Varvez did in the past. This is from March of last year and it's another great funky, scratchy, breakbeat-filled track. I particularly love the synth parts around 1:20 which sound to me like a deliberate nod to Daft Punk. Or maybe just an outright steal.

I don't remember how I found this one - it's several months ago, but I just came across it. It's Snow's 1992 hit "Informer" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=StlMdNcvCJo), which is notably the first time I ever saw a Canadian white boy doing respectable reggae. Here Yanivi (http://www.yanivi.com/) puts an electro-dub spin on the track, and does a respectable job of carrying both styles.

DJ Schmolli gives us a high-speed run through much of his core source material, from AC/DC and Black Sabbath to Joan Jett and Run DMC. I have the feeling I've heard this before, but it might just be because I'm used to Schmolli mashing these source tracks against all kinds of modern pop.

What this is, I don't even know. It's a trance mashup by a duo calling themselves Gatzilla (https://www.facebook.com/therealgatzilla). The base tracks are ones I like (though I think Rihanna is way overtuned on "Where Have You Been") and the idea of mashing things in a trance style is new enough to be interesting in its own right. It's high-BPM, high energy, and fun to dance to.

Major Lazer can be very much a "take it or leave it" experience. Here Discosid mashes Lazer with Bingo Players, which I'd not heard before. I love the fast vocals and the overall bouncy feel of the track - it's the sort of thing I'd play if I wanted to motivate myself to get things done.
Tags: discosid, dj schmolli, gatzilla, music, tosses & varvez, yanivi
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