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The week in +/-

- Having to fly to Houston

-- Having to fly to Houston for work while work was in crunch mode

--- Having to fly to Houston for work while work was in crunch mode and having my coworker glitch the schedule so I missed a customer visit.

---- Having cow orkers seriously screw up the work I did before I left

++ Visiting real customers, getting to learn what they do. This is one of the parts of my job I enjoy most.

++/- Visiting a customer who actually manufactures this kind of equipment we're modeling. Didn't really want to drive to/from Beaumont, but machine shop is COOL! And the customer we met with was excellent.

- Lack of sleep. Mostly work stress plus strange hotel bed plus over-airconditioned everything.

-- Something in there gave me a cold or sinus infection, which led to even less sleep and

----- Flying home through thunderstorms with a head cold or sinus infection. Fuckin' OW.

+/- no fever so couldn't just get antibiotics for it (not universally true, but most of the time when I have a bacterial sinus infection my temp goes up; if no temp it's likely viral)

- Go Bus to NYC. Starting 10 minutes late and a complete inability to avoid or to deal with traffic. Better than driving, but not by a lot.

++ Anxiety-boy had programmed in a couple of hours' slack for exactly this kind of suckage so even though I was late I was not LATE and even had time for dinner

-- Made wrong dinner choice. Carnegie Deli is just not good. They ride on their reputation and obscene-sized portions, but it's just not good deli food. At least now I don't have to go back again for another couple decades when I've forgotten once again that they are not good. I was too ill, under-dressed, and not particularly hungry so a real dinner wasn't going to happen anyway. Still.

+ Did have chicken soup with matzoh balls. I'm required by some commandment or other to believe this will cause my cold to get better faster.

+++ Neil Gaiman show. It was an evening of doom and gloom, which was utterly delightful and I had a good time. It was a not-quite-unique show. Turns out they didn't expect to be doing the show again so they recorded the Australian performance and there's a CD. I got a signed copy of the book instead.

++++++ Gaiman retweeted my post-show tweet. He had an amusing line in the chat bit at the end, I tweeted it, and a few minutes later the silenced phone in my pocket started buzzing merrily away with all the likes and retweets. Major bit of fanboi squee there.

+/- I got to have an adventure. But I am strongly reminded that I like doing adventures with a partner in crime, which I lacked this time around.

++ Dr Memory and family let me stay at their place, which let me see a section of NY I haven't seen in way many years and included bonus Farmer's Market on Saturday morning. I always like these things, but I hate having to drive to them. Having one two blocks from the apartment was a win.

+/- Museum of Natural History. The planetarium show narrated by Neil DeGrasse Tyson was fun; I like listening to him, but the material was kind of well known. The visuals in the planetarium show were good. The rest of the museum was meh. Much of it was things I remembered from last time, and their exhibits are heavy on various continents' native peoples and weak on things like dinosaurs. It's also pretty obvious where they're feeling pressure from the anti-science folk on issues like evolution and climate change. Still, it was cool to get to see what a Greenland ice core looks like.

----- Go Bus back to Cambridge. This level of suckage almost deserves its own post, which I am too tired to do right now. Bad planning on their part, add in delays on the roadways and it was quite late by the time I got home. Next time I think I'm springing for Amtrak, though my fellow passengers reported fewer problems with other bus services.

Fall down go boom now.
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