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Related to the preceding - people, get a grip

I am thoroughly sick and annoyed at the excessive and wrong wailing and gnashing of hyperbole employed by a plurality of left-wing organizations. For example, I'm looking at an email from CREDO with the tabloid-worthy subject, "Breaking: Supreme Court takes away birth control".

No. Really, just no. Not even a little. Not one responsible media outlet reads the decision this way, never mind people who actually analyze decisions. This is left-wing Red-baiting at its worst, and it either grossly misinterprets or deliberately distorts reality in an effort to drum up funding from a scared base.

I expect this kind of shit from Faux News; when CREDO has sunk to that level it's time to unsubscribe.

ETA: the statement from GLAD was much more reasonable in tone and accurate in content. I think I know where I shall continue to send my dollars.
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