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And that's how we ended up ...

This weekend's attempt to see fireworks turned into a humorous saga.

The original plan had been to see Boston's fireworks since the 4th was on a Friday. Normally the kids need to be up early for camp on the 5th and we need to be at work, so getting home from the Esplanade around midnight is a non-starter.

Then a hurricane intervened, and Boston moved its show to the 3rd. That night was hot and muggy and the storm still threatened to wipe things out. In addition, my back started to spasm so I took half a Flexoril. Apparently I got the "good" half and I was pretty damned stoned. Pygment was also injured and not psyched to wrestle everyone and everything down to Boston and back. So we punted. I crashed out early and managed a drug-assisted 8.5 hours of sleep.

The 4th itself was rainy but no matter, many towns had sensibly rescheduled their shows for Saturday the 5th. Saturday night off we go. Our preferred destination was Winchester, which has a nice display over Lake Quannapowitt. We got there to find it remarkably uncrowded. No, really, not crowded. Not many people, none of the usual cops directing traffic, etc. Hmm. I walk around for a bit trying to find anyone official to confirm the various tales and rumors. Eventually I find someone who points me to the town Web site, which has a notice up saying that the fireworks are cancelled. No explanation.

So around 9 we pack up and decide on consolation ice cream at Jordan's. They have a "liquid fireworks" water fountain show with colored lights. The kids are into it. Now, if you've not been there you might not know that Jordan's sits on top of a decent-sized hill and as we walk out across their parking lot we discover we have a view of at least three different town fireworks shows.

And that, officer, is how we ended up seeing a distant bit of fireworks for about 15 minutes while standing in the Jordan's Furniture parking lot. True story.

The North Reading show looked good. July 4, 2015 is a Saturday night. Maybe we'll go there next year.
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