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You know what I need? I need to DANCE

Other things have consumed so many cycles I haven't had time to post music lately but I've got open tabs like whoa. This set of links will help you relax, cheer you up, or get you moving as you wish.

First, if you also need some relaxation from the stress and angst of the days, just play this. This is Thomas Jack's "Tropical House" album and it's 90+ minutes of lovely, relaxing, jazzy, beach-inspired music. I've played this through four times since I found it a couple months ago and I'm still having a hard time picking out favorites - it's just uniformly good. There are a couple dozen artists throwing in here, and lots of them are original mixes, meaning if you like a track you can search for edits and remixes of that one, too.

Beat Magnate brings an extended dance mix "for the ladies" by which I think he means that the track features a mix of dance hits and dance beats by female vocalists and female artists. There's no source listing, so some of the fun is in picking out who the samples are from. Well, Cindy Lauper isn't much of a challenge, but others are less obvious.

I haven't liked many Lana Del Rey mash-ups, but this one manages to pull in both Queen and Rammstein and yet somehow not create a trainwreck. I think what makes it work is that most of the samples are acapella. Props to DJ Energy (http://www.last.fm/music/Dj+Energy) for that. The result is slower and much more beautiful than you'd expect.

OK, enough with the quiet and mellow stuff. How about a high-energy dance stomper? This one is courtesy of DJ BrEd. It's built around four tracks that I'm not familiar with and sadly there's not a source list so I can't easily trace them. So just enjoy the result and if you're like me, get up and dance a bit.

This one actually made me laugh out loud. It's a Phil RetroSpector old-style mix, using samples, Snoop bits, and Art of Noise's "Moments in Love". That latter is one of my favorite tracks and it's not something I'd heard mixed much. This isn't the most sophisticated mix and if you don't like Snoop you probably won't like this. But I needed some laughs this week and this is hilarious to me.

Public Enemy are also among those I feel don't get enough remixes and mashes. They have such great source material it's really a shame. Here DJ Shyboy gives it a shot including Lil Jon and Survivor's one-hit wonder track. It's not the best I've ever heard, but it's worth a listen.

Just in case you thought Journey mash-ups were a thing of the past, allow me to give you Voicedude's Journey three-way. MizA you might want to avoid this one.

Saving the best for last - and you know it wouldn't be a real drwex music post unless it contained at least some funk - here's Tosses & Varvez with a seriously bouncing ghettofunk track. It's fast-rapping, funky beats and seriously get up and dance already!
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