drwex (drwex) wrote,

A small step forward

I have much more thinky stuff going on. There are several interesting posts in others' journals I'm reading. I want to put this out now because it seems to be one of the things that is relatively clear to me. I plan to modify my party rules to include something along the lines below; please let me know your thoughts.


If you come to my events, please follow the rules of the party.

Guests are participants with hosts in shaping rules that will encourage safer and more fun events. If you have needs for things at any of my events - especially things that would help you feel safer/more healthy - you are responsible for letting the hosts know your needs. I promise to listen respectfully and reply clearly on how we are handling your request.


I'm trying very hard to speak in "I" sentences. sweetmmeblue is of course my co-host on almost all events. She has her own thoughts and ideas, but is choosing when and how to share them. When we do modify our party rules it will be a collaborative modification that we can both stand behind.
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