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Music you don't hear every day

A couple new items appeared in the stream today prompting me to do this overdue post. We've got a couple of things you don't hear often and some long-form listening to get you over these rains (or whatever the weather is doing when you read this). There's also a lot of really good old-style funk in here.

For a while Joan Jett was a popular remix source then she kind of fell out of favor. DJ Moule brings her back in a mash against Led Zeppelin that hovers on the edge of trainwreck but ends up holding together. This comes out of the Fissunix Whole Lotta Mix set, linked below.

Father Funk gives us an old-school style of ghetto funk with this "Get Up!" remix. This track is about a year old and they've got a bunch more stuff up on Soundcloud now that I plan to check out.

Speaking of funking, it doesn't get a lot better than this. The original is at the first link: "Bouncy Bouncy" by Stickybuds & South Rakkas (featuring Rage). One of the best hard-edged electro-funk tracks I've heard since the style hit the dance floors. Lots of fuzz, some scratching, and some definite reggae influences. The second link is Slynk's remix, which is surprisingly toned down. It's a little faster and a lot more melodic, with less of the hard edge that the original has.

It's been WAY too long since I heard a really good "Fat Bottom Girls" remix. It's one of my favorite ignored Queen tracks. Mashing that up with Major Lazer is surprising, and it works, though I wouldn't necessarily listen to this outside of headphones at work. I know Lazer isn't to everyone's taste but I think it really works here. Fast-paced rap, Queen's harmonies, and... yeah, it's a concept I found myself grinning along with.

If you ever thought to yourself "I wonder what it would sound like if Phil Collins sang for Kraftwerk" then you are not me. Also, you're not DJ Schmolli who has produced this brilliant weave of two sources that don't get mashed approximately ever. Bonus points for choice of media samples that all us geeks will recognize.

RESET did this summer festival dance set and it's a pleasant surprise. It's less turbofunk than some of their previous efforts, but it's got definitely funky moments. Italy is kind of ground zero for nu disco and you can definitely catch some of those influences here but damned if this isn't some seriously great wailing horns.

It's been a while since I linked one of DJ Steveboy's Groovelectric mixes. He's been experimenting with a lot of different styles and like any experiment there are some good and some bad. It's hard to recommend an entire set that's sort of 50-50. Steveboy also does a lot of his own mixing and alteration to the tracks he puts into his sets. You can usually pick up the originals on Beatport (and I urge you to do so - it pays the artists) but that's not necessarily going to be the exact sound that you get in the mix. Here, however, Steve has gone back to Groovelectric's "new old funk" roots and this one really rocks along.

Fissunix has assembled ten tracks, all of which are based off of "Whole Lotta Love". There are some really good takes on this - I pulled out the Joan Jett mix above but you can sample for yourself. Of course, if you don't like the base track I advise skipping this one entirely.
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