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Hurry up and music already

Buncha links, not much time. Let's see what we can do. Six things make a post - more next week.

DJ Purple sent me this a while back and somehow I lost track of it as well as forgetting where it came from. When I dug up the link and started playing it I immediately thought of her. Yeah, it's her style and it's very 2012: glitch-heavy, with a lot of dark/goth underbeats. Normally I pass on these things, but there's something in the urgency that hooks me. I like the way the tempo changes up and I outright laughed at the core boom-boom-cha beat (listen and tell me if you think it's an homage as I do). What won me over, finally, was the drop in after 2:30 when the vocals start. I'll even put up with heavy wub for a drop like that.

DJ Mario has put together a great mash built around John Newman's mega-hit "Love Me Again" from last year (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CfihYWRWRTQ). The original is pretty standard male lead rock-pop dance; the Mario version is a little more muted on the vocals, a little sped up, and given a much more techno feel. He's mixing in other vocals and tracks I'm having a hard time picking up but the core is still Newman's voice.

Eric Kirsten (producing as ErixXen) gives us a mash that's largely Will.I.Am/Britney crossed with Daft Punk. P!nk and Gwen Stefani both make vocal appearances, but it's largely a "how much fun is it to play around with Daft Punk tracks" experiment. It has some dead bits that could be trimmed out and bring the track down to more manageable size but overall it's a decent effort. I'll be checking out the rest of his posted sounds.

It continues to be the case that I'm not a big fan of Skrillex on his own, but his stuff gets mashed in the most interesting ways. Here Big Spin Bill pulls in great source material from Limp Bizkit and Bangarang and the three-way works amazingly well. Of course, if you don't like those sources you probably should skip this one but this stuff is right up my alley.

Sean Hamilton bring us "Funky Party Starter" which pulls in some of that Daft Punk but is also a "Black Betty" mash. Put all that over an electro-funk core and yeah, that's what I like to dance to.

I'll close with another funky Black Betty mash. This one uses "Pushing On" (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=rn6WGtFQe6k) which came out earlier this year and is a pretty simple dub mix that is described as an "homage to classic Chicago house". I'm not familiar enough with the style to say yea or nay, but it's a pretty simple set of beats that seem ready-made for mixing over. DJ Paolo Monti speeds up the original and lays on the Ram Jam vocals and guitar licks.
Tags: big spin bill, cryptex, dj mario, dj paolo monti, erixxen, music, sean hamilton
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