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An exercise in minimalism

Pygment is being affectionate and cuddling with me after naps.

Her: *sigh*
Me: What?
Her: Being happy.
Me: Yes, dear.
Her: I'm being "yes, dear"-ed.
Me: Yes, dear. (*pats her on the head*)
Her: You could stop PAT-ronizing me.
Me: Yes, dear.
*I start chuckling*
Her: What?
Me: Well, I was thinking that "yes, dear" is a kind of Troll version of "I am Groot" - it expresses so many things.
Her: You're so weird.
Me: Yes, dear.
Her: You're going to post that, aren't you?
Me: Yes, dear!
Her: You could just post the last line and people would get it.
Me: That misses the point; a good story has build-up.
Her: Yes, dear.
Tags: humor
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