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So I'm kinda back

We took our summer family trip, this year to Niagara Falls by way of Herkimer. I have some pictures, a few crystals, and have learned several things about touristing in that area. Pictures will have to wait because I'm still working on Arisia 2014 shots. Yes, really.

I have been deliberately hermiting and lazing. I've done a lot of walking. I took an extra day off work so I could have 10 days away. I hope it will help, but I doubt it.

I'm going to be traveling to Houston again for work in a couple weeks; this is largely by choice, but it's travel and it means another week away from the people and things I love. Then come holidays, which are early this year.

I've unlamed to the point of moving our party invite list to the new host. If you somehow expected to be on it and are not I'd be happy to add you. Leave me an email address.

Pygment's been posting about her car issues. I'm trying not to get into money stress things, but staring at college costs four years from now and knowing how phenomenally unprepared I am is daunting. That said, I'm still planning family trips for the next two summers anyway.

I'm looking back at the things I did this summer, all of which I thought were good. If I regret, it's that I didn't do more of these things. Dig my social anxiety all the way into the ground and bury it somehow :(

I already have tickets to three shows this fall, and a puppy who just came in to be played with so I'll stop here. There will be pictures and more updata later.
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