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I think I promised you music

Half my meetings today have been cancelled, so while I wait for the gaps to fill let's have some sounds. A couple of different things, a couple you'll be expecting.

I forget exactly what wandering took me to this remix from last year. It is, as the name says, The Golden Pony's remix of "The Sound of Silence". So if you're me get ready for a huge rush of nostalgia. It's wrapped up in modern electro-funk but very respectful of the original. I really like it.

I've mentioned Thomas Jack a couple times in the past. Each time he's brought gentle beats and a lighter tone to my day and this is no exception. It's his take on "Little Talks" by Of Monsters and Men (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ghb6eDopW8I), toned and quieted, but still bouncy fun.

I found this one in a DJ Steveboy mix and liked it enough to pull out and blog separately. The is The Beatangers doing "What's That Sound." The first commenter (at least as of this writing) has it mostly - the track relies on the classic Rapper's Delight and a lyrical couplet from "Stop Children What's That Sound"?" though it's the Les Rythmes Digitales version, not the original.

DJ Schmolli has been uploading some of his older mixes. This one just went up a few weeks ago, but it's from 2011 and highlights some of the great dance tracks that were popular around then. It's a little bit of a trainwreck but the source materials are great and it's fun to remember them.

I remain not a huge fan of Italian nu-disco but the electronic scene there has spawned some variations I do like. This, Skena's "Waiting in the Wings" is one such. It's darker and more ethereal, taking disco beats and looping them into a driving vibrato.

Here's a double shot of Loo & Placido multi-mashes in similar but different styles. The first one is a "Jump Around" moombahton mash with a number of scratch-based styles built around it. The intro is a little longer than I'd like but once it gets going it's a lot of bouncy fun.

The second one is a bounce-metal combo, which seems appropriate today since Nicky da B died this week. RIP Nicky. Twenty-four is way too soon.
Tags: dj schmolli, loo & placido, music, skena, the beatangers, the golden pony, thomas jack
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